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Bed Bug Service Options


Core-Heat Service is the most advance and effective eradication method on the market to eradicate bed bugs and eggs.

vekcor's 2-stage Direct and Indirect Core-Heat treatment will kill 100% of the bed bugs and the eggs in 6 to 10 hours!

Pesticide treatments are optional for those who want the most eco-friendly treatment.

  1. Bed Bug Free in 6 to 10 Hours.

  2. Keep Your Mattress & Furniture.

  3. No Laundering / Dry-cleaning before service.

  4. Bed Bug Safe-Guard Liquid treatment included.

  5. Kills other pests (insects, bacteria, fungi,) many of which are human pathogens.

  6. Eliminates or Reduces odors.

  7. Non-Staining (UN-Like Chemical Treatments)

  8. Heat penetrates all areas where bed bugs hide.

  9. Core-Heat is 99.9% effective long-term.

  10. 1 Year Guarantee


Learn More on Core-Heat Service

Chemical Treatment

Our Signature Chemical treatments is very effective to eradicate bed bugs, but takes multiple treatments over 45 -60 days. Since Chemicals Treatments will not kill bed bug eggs (Unless Directly Affected) or get into all area where bed bugs hide, it is necessary to do a minimum 3 to 5 chemical treatments approximately 10 to 16 days apart in order to kill the bed bugs that have hatched out before they begin to reproduce.

Learn More on Chemical Treatments

  1. Bed Bug Free (maybe) 45 to 60 Days (Depending on severity level of infestation)

  2. Some furniture may have to be discarded.

  3. Laundering / Dry-cleaning before each and every service.

  4. More chemical exposure for you and your family.

  5. Bed Bugs can re-infest months after treatments.

  6. Chemical treatments are up to 75% effective long-term.

  7. Much shorter warranty if any is given.

Our experienced in this field is a major factor in the successful elimination of these pest from your home.

Vekcor Pest Solutions uses many different steps and types of equipment and materials to achieve this.

This is why our program is rated #1 by professionals.

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