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Drywood Termites

Sleep Tight Termite!




Termites are referred to as "silent destroyers" they do so much damage without home owners even aware of their presence! 


The Queen: Giving life to the colony

The function of the Queen and King in the termite colony is to reproduce. Starting out life as an Alate, they leave their parents' colony, drop to the ground and shed their wings to seek out an environment to nest. They care for their young until they are able to take over the duties of the colony.


The Workers: Sustaining Life to the Colony

The workers make up the largest number within a colony. They do all of the work (except defend and reproduce): feeding, grooming, excavating the nest and making tunnels. In doing their jobs, they cause the destruction that effects so many homes.


Soldiers: The colony's defense

Soldiers defend the colony against attack by predatory enemies such as ants, and are equipped with large jaws, sticky fluids or chemical spray to do so.


Swarmers: The future Queens & Kings

Alates are the winged reproductives that swarm out from the nest and establish new colonies. Male and females pair off and look for a suitable environment to mate. They are often confused with ant swarmers.

Termite control

Did you know that termites can devalue your property by more than 25%?

Termite infestation can lead to costly repairs and mounting frustration if it remains untreated.


If you find signs of termite activities in your premises, you may want someone experienced and professionally trained to quickly restore your sense of comfort and safety.


In order to provide our customers with effective termite control solutions, our service technicians are periodically provided with continuous training programmes to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.

Fact: Subterranean termites are capable of destroying an entire wooden door frame within 2 weeks!


What to look for

Termite droppings - After consuming wood, dry wood termites often leave behind brown-colored and grainy fecal mounds. These fecal pellets are usually found beneath the infested wood.

termite wall foaming-3.jpg


  • Highly effective Treated Zone to deter termites 

  • Long term protection of the structure 

  • Termite colony management capability

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