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What are Tick?

Ticks are insects in the Arachnid family, related to spiders. They attach to animals, pets, and people using complex mouthparts resembling a "harpoon". While they are attached, they suck blood for several days, dropping off once engorged.

Where are Ticks found?

Generally, you can find ticks where the animals they feed on live. This usually includes wooded and grassy areas. An adult tick “quests” for its next blood meal by climbing up grasses and bushes to wait for an animal to pass by. Nymphs and larvae are typically found in layers of decomposing leaves underneath trees.

How do Ticks find a host?

While questing, ticks hold onto leaves and grass by their third and fourth pair of legs. They hold the first pair of legs outstretched, waiting to climb on to the host. When ahost brushes the spot where a tick is waiting, it quickly climbs aboard.

Preventing Tick Bites:

Ticks are most commonly encountered by people when engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, ect.


Follow these recommendations to reduce your chances of bites when outdoors:

•Wear light colored clothing to spot crawling ticks.

•Apply insect repellant containing DEET following     directions on the label.


•Check regularly for ticks when outdoors.


•Examine skin and scalp upon returning. Also inspect pets.

Vekcor Pest Solution on Ticks


Your Vekcor Pest Solutions Visit:
Vekcor Specialize Treatment will address cracks and crevices were tick hide, like areas between the carpet and baseboard. Your Highly Professionally Trained Vekcor Pest Solutions Expert will apply an interior liquid application, with a Commercial Grade residual material, giving you, your home and pets the single best long-term protection possible. Using a Low-Mid pressure spray, the technician focuses on the surfaces where the animal frequents, sleeps, and any areas where ticks are seen.

Treating the Outdoor Environment:
Pets moving indoors to outdoors and outdoors to indoors make it virtually impossible to treat ticks without treating both the exterior and interior of your home.

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